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Divorce is an emotional and confusing time for many people. There may be custody and child support matters, spousal support, asset and debt division and more included in this. With the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, you will be able to obtain the best possible results. Throndset Michenfelder Law Office LLC will protect your legal and financial interests while being sensitive to your emotional turmoil.

In Minnesota, the only requirement for filing for divorce is evidence of an irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. If one party alleges a breakdown, the court will not force the parties to remain married. However, it's possible for the other party to deny there has been a breakdown. At this point, the court may have a hearing to determine if the marriage is indeed irretrievable.

Requirements To Consider

In Minnesota:

  • Both parties must have lived in the state 180 days prior to filing a divorce.
  • The documents that commence the divorce process, known as the Summons and the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, are filed in the county where either one of the parties resides.
  • If one party lives out of the state and children are present, the state where the children have resided for at least six months prior to the divorce is where the custody will be determined.
  • If no children are present, but you own real estate in one state or the other, the state where you own real estate is the state where you should file.

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