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People commonly misconceive traffic violations as offenses that they don't need to worry about. They will simply choose to pay the fine and possibly attend driver's school. However, paying a fine is a way of indicating guilt. When certain traffic violations carry misdemeanor or felony penalties, you have to treat the matter seriously.

If you have been arrested or cited with any major traffic offense, it's important to contact a reliable, experienced defense attorney who can help you consider all of your options. In Minnesota, repeat traffic offenses can result in driver's license suspension, license revocation and/or increased car insurance premiums. You may be able to avoid this future with the right defense.

How We Can Help

The attorneys at Throndset Michenfelder Law Office LLC have assisted clients with various forms of moving violations, such as:

  • Hit and run
  • Driving after suspension
  • Driving after revocation
  • Driving after cancellation
  • Careless driving or reckless driving
  • Road rage

If you have been charged with a traffic crime, it is crucial you contact a responsive, aggressive lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact Our Firm

Attorney Chad A. Throndset has more than 20 years of experience in the area of criminal law and has a background as a former prosecutor. He knows the right and wrong way to handle a traffic crime. We won't let you make a mistake that could end up costing you later on.

To talk to a lawyer at Throndset Michenfelder Law Office LLC, call 763-515-4148 or send us an email to set up a free initial consultation at either of our Minnesota offices in St. Michael and Maple Grove. Weekend appointments are available upon request.



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